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Live Stream Quarantine

Hello friends! Losing track of what day it is now.. it's all pretty exhausting. We can all agree it's been quite an eventful week!? It's a crazy time, we're all a little on edge and uncertain.. because this is so unknown! But us islanders and Canadians will get through it together. That's what we do. We hope you're all practicing safe social distancing, hand washing and quarantining! Maybe you've been keeping busy with that project you put off for years, or maybe you're just chilling and staring at the wall right now? .. and that's ok too :) But we wanted to let you know that we are going Facebook Live for the first time ever! We are partnering with Rock The Boat this weekend! They are starting some Facebook live music sessions called Rock The Boat Live From Home to fill your entertainment needs! Mike & I will be entertaining from home with our acoustic guitars this Saturday night when we take over at 8pm Atlantic time. So make sure you like their page and if you haven't liked our fan page yet you can do so here

Hope you can make it! Stay Safe :)

P.S. To check out our music you can go here to stream or download.. which would really help us out in these gig free days!

Thank You!!


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