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Inspired by music; here's to a new journey.

Getting use to this view

Hey all! Thanks for checking out our new band's website and seeing what's up! We are really excited to get our new music out into the world and into your ears! It's been a long twisty road, with lots of bumps, forks, and dead ends, but as they say, nothing easy is worth doing.

This album all started back about 2 years ago, when I was inspired by a documentary. I was in awe of the life and talent of the late, great, Amy. I wrote for her, for me, and I just kept writing. Now we have a 10 song LP in the making!

Rhythm guitar tracking in studio began last week and we are on our way to start electric guitar lead tracking next week! Looking forward to vocals! We will keep you updated..

Thx for seeing what we're all about. Would love to hear from you <3



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