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Illogical Heart was one of the first songs we wrote together, late one night just hanging out in our basement jam space.  Mike was playing around on acoustic and started the open riff.. I automatically came out with the first line and knew what it was going to be about.  Just a few months earlier we were at a party one night.  I noticed a friend was away from everyone else, glued to her phone most of the night which was very unlike her.. I later discovered she had just started a new relationship.. with someone who lived "across the bridge and across the boarder", miles away, in another country!  I thought how unfair! That her heart fell for another so far away.. they can't even be together?!.. doesn't it know how hard this will be?

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How Do I Forget You (edit)


"Want to talk about vocal performances- channeling a little soulful Janis Joplin on this one."

~Bill Roach,CBC Music Hour

Debut album

A Minor Conspiracy

"Soul Filter have definitely showcased their years of experience with these tracks. The result is an effortless classic that can easily find a spot in anyone’s library, nestled comfortably between the rock icons from which they draw their inspiration."

~ Maggie McLean, The East 

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Soul Filter is a soulful four piece rock-pop band based out of Summerside PEI.  With a 2020 PEI Music nomination for Rock Recording of the Year and 5 single releases from their album A Minor Conspiracy, the band has burst onto the indie music scene with their debut LP.  They have been featured on CBC's Mainstreet with Matt Rainnie, Q93, CBC Music Hour with Bill Roach, The East Coast Countdown, Q104 in Halifax, CJIM Montreal's Rock Station New Scotland Radio, CIOE FM's "Fresh From the East" & "East Coast Rising", and shared the stage with Canadian icons Big Wreck, The Road Hammers, Honeymoon Suite & Haywire during one of PEI”s biggest festivals, Rock The Boat.  In 2019 their single Like Water made CBC Searchlight’s Top 100 by fan vote.

When founding members, husband & wife duo Karen & Mike Penton, first met in 2001, she didn't know he was a performing musician and he didn't know she had a secret life long desire to be one.  To Karen’s delight, their second date consisted of 2 bottles of wine and an acoustic guitar – the deal was sealed.  After a few years of signing Beatles’ covers (and other classics) together at home, Mike decided it was time to push Karen into the spotlight. With their mutual passion for music and newly formed partnership, the two went on to create several popular cover bands (Junkmale, Pretty Tragic, a No Doubt & Alanis Morissette tribute show, Karen & Mike acoustic duo), performing all over PEI and into NB, before forming Soul Filter in 2017.

The two had dabbled in songwriting individually since they were teenagers but an increasing passion to find and sing her own words, and a gnawing desire to see what kind of magic they would create together helped push Karen & Mike to write and record A Minor Conspiracy.  With themes of self-discovery, adversity, love and loss, the album infuses pop, blues and folk into Soul Filter's rock roots sound.  Acoustic rhythm serves as the backbone to melodically sweet electric guitar riffs and punchy choruses.  Baring a reminiscent feel to the 90's soft rock female era, lead singer/songwriter Karen gets her musical inspiration from artists like The Cranberries, Alanis Morissette, & Sheryl Crow.  Dynamically weaving between soft falsetto and soulful, powerful vocals, Karen delivers empowering, emotive lyrics through catchy, dreamy melodies. To bring the album to life on stage, Karen & Mike brought in longtime friends and former cover band mates Ronnie Arsenault on bass guitar, and Marc Robichaud on drums. 

The band has been busy performing and promoting their album across PEI and looks forward to bringing their live stage performance on road.

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